may 22, 2012
New Tiny Animals album FREE download...get it here:

april 11, 2012
New Tiny Animals FREE music (from new album due out Spring 2017)...get it here:

march 4, 2012
Shanee Pink premiers her new video today on Pure Volume HERE!!!

july 23, 2012
New music video by Shanee Pink. Check it out HERE!!

june 26, 2012
Check out TAB the Band's new tour dates! They are playing several Canadian Festivals, among others....

june 3, 2012
Tiny Animals' song "Wait For Me" on MTV's Pauly D Project!!

march 15, 2012
Tiny Animals' songs "We Can Read The Stars" & "Chase Scene" will be on the season finale of MTV's Jersey Shore tonight! ;) Check it out HERE!!

january 26, 2012
Tiny Animals' "The Moment" on MTV's Jersey Shore tonight!

december 18, 2011
Tiny Animals' song "What I Had To Do" on MTV's Teen Mom 2!!

august 9, 2011
Tiny Animals' song "Fight or Flight" on MTV's Awkward tonight. Tune in.

august 3, 2011
Check out TAB's Lollapalooza tour schedule!

june 14, 2011
TAB the Band plays Lollapalooza this summer!! Check it out HERE!!!

may 4, 2011
Tiny Animals' song "All The Way Down" featured on MTV's Real World Las Vegas tonight!!!

may 2, 2011
Vote for Tiny Animals on Channel One's Artist of the Year Competition HERE!!!!

april 26, 2011
Tiny Animals' 80's medley reviewed on Boston Herald HERE!!!!

april 25, 2011
Check out an acoustic session that Tiny Animals did for RMTV....HERE!!!

april 7, 2011
Tiny Animals do their 80's sitcom theme song medley CLICK HERE!!!

april 5, 2011
Tiny Animals new album comes out today!! Buy it in our shop HERE or on iTunes HERE!! You can also buy a limited edition autographed poster HERE!!

april 4, 2011
Tiny Animals' new album out tomorrow. Stream it on AOL HERE!!!!

march 28, 2011
Tiny Animals featured on Channel One this week. Check it out HERE!!!

march 23, 2011
Tiny Animals' new webisode "Tiger vs Lion" HERE!!!!

march 15, 2011
The making of Tiny Animals' music video for "Wait For Me" HERE!!!!

march 14, 2011
Great review of Tiny Animals' new album on The Hidden Mixed Tape...HERE!!!

march 2, 2011
Tiny Animals' release new music video for the single, "Wait For Me". Watch it HERE!!!

march 1, 2011
Tiny Animals have 2 songs from their new album in MTV's Teen Mom 2 tonight! Tune in....HERE!

february 22, 2011
Tiny Animals land a great review of their new album on All Music Guide....HERE!!

february 16, 2011
Tiny Animals get reviewed on The Deli Magazine HERE!!!

february 14, 2011
Check out an excellent review of Tiny Animals new album (out April 5th on your truly)....HERE!!!

february 2, 2011
Tiny Animals' "Wait For Me (Acoustic Version)" video HERE!!!

january 25, 2011
Tiny Animals' new single "Wait For Me" drops on iTunes today. Click HERE to buy it.

january 13, 2011
Tiny Animals song on Jersey Shore tonight!!! Fist pumping time!

january 12, 2011
Tiny Animals release new webisode HERE and post their single, "Wait For Me", to myspace HERE. But it on iTunes Jan. 25th!!

december 20, 2010
HOLIDAY SPECIAL! Order any TAB the Band merch and get a free, signed promo EP with your order! Only 50 available. Go HERE!!!

december 9, 2010
Vote for TAB's song "Runaway" on Little Steven's Coolest Song in the World Contest!! VOTE HERE!!!

october 18, 2010
New single from TAB!!! Buy it HERE on iTunes!

september 13, 2010
Check out MTV's Jersey Shore this Thursday to hear a Tiny Animals & TAB the Band song. 2 for the price of 1, bro!!!

august 19, 2010
TAB's song "Antitrust" will be on MTV's Jersey Shore tonight. You know you'll be watching!!

august 10, 2010
Check out Tiny Animals' new tour documentary from Bonnaroo. Click HERE!!

july 21, 2010
TAB the Band rocking with SLASH in September. Check it out!!

july 12, 2010
TAB the Band on Soludos' Summer Soundtrack HERE!!!!

june 22, 2010
Check out TAB's amazing new video for "She Said No (I Love You)", HERE!!!!

june 18, 2010
Buy Mead 5 Star products from Target and get FREE Tiny Animals songs. Check it out HERE!!!

june 15, 2010
Check out an article/interview from Tiny Animals Bonnaroo performance HERE!!!!

may 17, 2010
Play Tiny Animals' new VIDEO GAME!!! Click HERE.

april 7, 2010
Tiny Animals are performing at BONNAROO on June 11th!!! Check it out HERE.

february 11, 2010
Check out TAB's latest interview on AudioPerv HERE!!!

february 5, 2010
Check out Tiny Animals video for "Useless" on HERE!!!!

january 26, 2010
New TAB the Band album out today called "Zoo Noises". Get it on iTunes!!!

december 31, 2009
Take a look and listen to TAB the Band on Rolling Stone HERE!!!!

december 31, 2009
TAB the Band in Rolling Stone...coming soon. Check it here!!

december 7, 2009
Check out TAB the Band's new single "Bought and Sold" featured on ESPN's podcast HERE!!!

november 24, 2009
Check out TAB the Band this Saturday night on Fearless TV. Airs at 12:30am on Fox 5 in NYC. Vote for the band HERE!!!

november 23, 2009
New webisode from Tiny Animals!! Click HERE!!!

november 17, 2009
New single "Old Folks Home" out today from TAB the Band's upcoming new album. Buy it on iTunes HERE!!!!

november 7, 2009
TAB the Band featured on HERE!!!

november 5, 2009
Check out Tiny Animals' acoustic performance on Real Magic TV HERE!!!

october 28, 2009
Check out a hilarious interview with Tiny Animals @ Zoom In Online Music Blog HERE!!!!

october 14, 2009
NEW SINGLE from TAB the Band!!! Buy it HERE on iTunes!!!

september 24, 2009
Check out Tiny Animals latest interview at Loyola College HERE!!!

september 18, 2009
Tiny Animals' song "Avalanche" was used in the Real World Cancun's season finale! :)

september 18, 2009
Fans of rock....TAB the Band's highly anticipated 3rd album is due out in early 2010, but before that the band will be releasing 3 singles on iTunes. The first, Bought And Sold, will hit iTunes on Oct. 13th. Be sure to buy it!

september 17, 2009
Watch Tiny Animals' new music video for "Useless" HERE!!!!

september 3, 2009
Congrats to Tiny Animals for debuting at #157 on CMJ's Top 200 College Radio charts!! Please request the album at your college radio station.

july 16, 2009
Tiny Animals' song "Answer Me" is featured in a sweet ass bicycle video!! Check it out HERE!!!

june 15, 2009
Tiny Animals landed a FREE mp3 of the day on AOL Spinner. Get it while you can: HERE!!!

june 10, 2009
Buy Tiny Animals' debut album "Sweet Sweetness" on HERE or on iTunes HERE.

may 12, 2009
Tiny Animals debut album "Sweet Sweetness" is now available in cd format in our store. Click HERE!!!!

may 5, 2009
Tiny Animals debut album out now on iTunes, click HERE!!!!

april 29, 2008
Tiny Animals' ridiculous new video.....HERE!!!!!

april 22, 2008
Tiny Animals' debut album will have a special one-week pre-release on iTunes on May 5th!! Plus a bonus track!! Save the date....

april 20, 2008
Tonight, watch MTV's new show "College Life". Tiny Animals' songs "Useless" and "Avalanche" will be heard. Enjoy!!!

march 25, 2008

march 17, 2008
FREE music from Tiny Animals!! Click HERE for 5 free songs from the debut album, "Sweet Sweetness".

february 9, 2008
Tiny Animals is featured on Shifted Sound podcast. Check it out HERE!!

january 13, 2008
Tiny Animals are now getting played on WFNX in Boston
as well as K-Rock in NYC. Hooray!!! Check ot the WFNX playlist HERE!!!

december 31, 2008
TINY ANIMALS ON 92.3 K-ROCK!!! That's right, Tiny Animals' debut single, "Useless", will be played on NYC's premier rock station, 92.3 K-Rock this Sunday, January 4th, between 9 and 10pm. Please tune in and listen!

september 22, 2008
Sam Champion's Pitchfork review HERE!!!

september 11, 2008
Sam Champion promo video number 3....HERE!!!

september 11, 2008
Some love for Sam Champion from WNEW...HERE!!

september 10, 2008
Sam Champion's new album gets some props from ROLLING STONE!!!

september 3, 2008
BUY your digital copy of SAM CHAMPION'S NEW ALBUM, HEAVENLY BENDER, HERE on iTunes!!

september 3, 2008
Sam Champion on AOL Spinner!! HERE.

august 27, 2008
Check out this article about Sam Champion in THE NEWYORKER!!!

august 22, 2008
Check out Sam Champion's SECOND new promo vid for their album, Heavenly Bender (which drops September 2nd)....get ready!!!!! HERE.

august 12, 2008
BUY TAB the Band's new album on iTunes HERE!!!!

august 12, 2008
Buy TAB the Band's new album, Long Weekend, in the North Street Records shop, HERE!!!

august 6, 2008
Some love from Music for Robots blog HERE!! Or if you prefer youtube, check out Sam Champion's latest promo video HERE!!!

july 10, 2008
Check out Sam Champion on The Orchard's podcast this week. HERE!!!

june 20, 2008

june 20, 2008
My Old Kentucky blog LOVES Sam Champion. See HERE!!

june 17, 2008
Check out the latest podcast from our friends at The Orchard. Sam Champion's newest single is featured. Click HERE!!

june 13, 2008
Sam Champion sets release date for sophomore album, Heavenly Bender!! To be released by North Street Records on September 2nd (digitally) and September 9th (on cd - in stores everywhere). Make sure to get your copy here!!

june 13, 2008
TAB The Band announces several tour dates with the legendary STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club!!! Check out the tour section to see if they are playing near you.

may 29, 2008
Amazing support for Sam Champion from Rolling Stone!!! Check it out here!

may 29, 2008
Check out a great new review of TAB The Band's debut album HERE at blogcritics!!

may 20, 2008
TINY ANIMALS UPDATE!!! Go to their myspace page HERE to see new photos, hear new songs, and watch a new interview clip. If you are a New Yorker, come see the show at Pianos on May 31st.

may 6, 2008
Check out TAB The Band's latest TV performance on FOX 25. HERE!!!!

march 27, 2008
Dirty on Purpose's FIRST COMMERCIAL!!! Check out DoP's song "Audience In The Room" on the new Virgin Mobile commercial HERE!!!

march 25, 2008
IT's OFFICIAL!!! North Street Records is proud to announce that  Sam Champion is now part of the roster. Please stay tuned for details on their album release in early summer. Here is their website!!

march 18, 2008
Amie Street LOVES TINY ANIMALS. Check it out HERE!!

march 18, 2005
TINY ANIMALS tear it up at SXSW!!! Check out their interview with JOHN NORRIS from MTV HERE....and their updated myspace page HERE and their blog HERE.

march 5, 2008
Check out TAB The Band in this SXSW podcast from The Orchard. Click here!!

february 23, 2008

february 23, 2008
NEW TOUR DATES FOR TAB The Band, Tiny Animals, and Sam Champion!!!

february 20, 2008
TAB The Band album review on ROLLING STONE!!!!! Click here.

february 14, 2008
TAB The Band's "Pulling Out Just Enough To Win" is on iTunes!!! Don't want a phsyical cd? Buy it HERE on iTunes!!!

january 23, 2008
TINY ANIMALS are playing in Boston on February 1st and in NYC at Mercury Lounge on February 7th. Come one come all. Also, check out a video of their live performance from CMJ HERE!!!

january 14, 2008
NEW DIRTY ON PURPOSE VIDEO for "Audience in the Room". Featured on Pitchfork also! Click here to watch.

january 9, 2008
NEW RELEASES!!!!!!  Dirty on Purpose's EP "Like Bees" comes out January 15th AND TAB The Band's debut album comes out January 29th. Check the store to purchase or go to iTunes on those dates. Thanks for supporting.

december 10, 2007
Dirty on Purpose featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered". Check it out here.

november 2, 2007
New DoP EP coming in January. Check it here: PITCHFORK!!!!

october 31, 2007
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! OK, enough of that. TAB The Band is set to take over the world!! Please check out their latest review which details last weekend's show with guitar extraordinaire Joe Perry for Guitar Hero 3 promo. HERE!!

october 11, 2007
NORTH STREET RECORDS CMJ SHOWCASE 2007 AT PIANOS!!!!! Please come check out our great artists on Saturday October 20th at Pianos in NYC. TINY ANIMALS, TAB, and PINK AND NOSEWORTHY will be performing, one after another. Check the Pianos website for the full schedule. It starts at 7pm so get over there and check out a great night of music. See you then.

september 14, 2007

july 24, 2007
TINY ANIMALS are set to record their debut album in August with Canadian producer/engineer Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, The New Pornographers, etc.). Please stay tuned for a fall release and join them on myspace in the meantime. Click here.

july 16, 2007
Pink and Noseworthy on Shifted Sound Podcast Episode 64!! Thanks Shelby. Click here.

april 18, 2007
TINY ANIMALS!! Fighterpilot has retired and been reincarnated as Tiny Animals. Please check out their new website here. Their demos can also be heard on myspace here.

april 18, 2007
NEW ARTISTS! Please take a second to browse the new artists that are now a part of the NSR family. Their profiles have been added to the "Roster" section, and you can hear some songs in the "Sound and Vision" section. We will be making a strong effort in 2007 to keep the label growing. Thanks for your support.

march 27, 2007
VOTE for DoP on the Next Big Hit Podcast!!!! Here!

march 20, 2007
SXSW RULED!!!! Thanks for all of the support, everybody.

march 9, 2007
NYC SHOW JUST ANNOUNCED! DoP will be performing on Saturday April 14th at the Bowery Ballroom with Calla. Purchase tickets here.

march 9, 2007
Our good friends at Pitchfork were nice enough to post DoP's March tour dates. Hope to see you all at the shows. Check here.

march 1, 2007
NEW DoP video!! Pitchfork is doing an exclusive launch of DoP's new video for "Car No Driver". Youtube link will be live on Tuesday, March 6th. In the meantime, check out Pitchfork's review here.

january 3, 2007
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! DoP is back in the top 25 best sellers on Insound. Check it out.

december 20, 2006
Hooray! Dirty on Purpose made extrawack!'s Top Ten of 2006 list. Check it out here.

december 11, 2006
SUBTERRANEAN! For those of you who didn't get to see Dirty on Purpose host an awesome episode of Subterranean on MTV2 last week, you can now watch it here.

november 28, 2006
CHANGE OF DATE: DoP will be hosting an episode of MTV2's Subterranean this Sunday, December 3rd. It airs late at night, so check your local listing and watch! Thanks.

november 15, 2006
FIGHTERPILOT NEWS!! Please tune in to PBS/Thirteen this Sunday night at 11pm to hear Fighterpilot's hit song, "Answer Me", on the season finale of Roadtrip Nation.

november 14, 2006
Dirty on Purpose has been nominated for a PLUG Award!!! Please vote. Scroll down to the section for "Indie Rock Album of the Year" and cast your vote for DoP's Hallelujah Sirens today. HERE.

november 9, 2006
Hilarious political quote from Dirty on Purpose in article. Click here.

november 8, 2006
Love from Filter Magazine. Tour dates and information about Subterranean HERE.

november 8, 2006
HUGE NEWS!!!! Dirty on Purpose will host an episode of MTV2's Subterranean on Sunday, December 10th. The show will feature DoP's new video and Doug and Joe will actually be on the show. During the episode, a lucky fan will get to call in and ask a question ON-AIR. If you are interested in submitting a question, please go HERE before December 1st. Be sure to scroll down to where it says Dirty on Purpose.

october 31, 2006
Check out this awesome new remix of Dirty on Purpose's Marfa Lights on Steregum by the great Richard Jankovich (aka Pocket). He did a great job. Click here.

october 30, 2006
Dirty on Purpose member Joe Jurewicz's side-project, Neckbeard Telecaster. Here is the song. I don't know how to describe it...and here is the website: See for yourself.

october 17, 2006
Tonight, Tuesday October 17th, Dirty on Purpose will be featured on the season opener of New York Noise. Check out New York's best indie rock video outlet at 10pm on Channel 25 in NYC. This episode will include DoP's new video for No Radio and an interview with the band. Click here for more details.

october 12, 2006
Check out North Street's newest artist, Adira Amram, on Gothamist today. Her cd is now for sale on our website in the shop section.

october 10, 2006
MTV!! That's right, DoP made it onto the MTV website's news section
today. Click here to read what they had to say about the upcoming tour.

october 9, 2006
Check out the new DoP tour dates on our ecard and on this page of our website --------------------->

october 6, 2006
More love from Pitchfork! Check out the article on today. They were kind enough to list all of Dirty on Purpose's upcoming tour dates. Make sure to see them if they play in your area. Check em out here.

september 25, 2006
Dirty on Purpose is gearing up for another awesome national tour. Check our website for dates and locations. Also, the website Silent Uproar was kind enough to post a blurb. Check it out here.

september 7, 2006
Today, a show on National Public Radio called All Songs Considered will be playing DoP's "No Radio". We love the support from NPR. Please check out the show's website here....and also listen to the show's podcast here.

september 6, 2006
Dirty on Purpose's "No Radio" will now be in rotation on NPR. Keep an eye (or ear) out for it.

august 29, 2006
Great review of this Friday's free DoP show at NYC's South Street Seaport in Flavorpill today. Check it out.

august 23, 2006
The new video for No Radio also got some love from Tripwire today. Check it out here.

august 23, 2006
DoP got some love from Pitchfork Media. They were kind enough to post a great review of our new video for "No Radio". Have a look for yourself.

august 21, 2006
Today we released Dirty on Purpose's newest music video for the song No Radio, directed by Jacob Hensberry. If you like here.

august 11, 2006
Fighterpilot landed a track on MTV's Laguna Beach Season 2 DVD. To hear the sweet sounds of "Don't Let It End This Way" synched up to MTV's most popular new reality show, click here. Or if you have a PC, click here.

august 11, 2006
Take a look and listen to this awesome live performance by Dirty on Purpose on WOXY. You can download the Podcast as an mp3 here.

august 1, 2006
THANKS CANADA! Apparently, Dirty on Purpose landed the #8 spot on the CJSF Top 56. Charting on a Candian radio station...and they haven't even conquered America yet....

july 31, 2006
This is a big week for DoP's new video for "Light Pollution". It can now also be seen on Yahoo Music. Check it out here. Yahoo!

july 28, 2006
Dirty on Purpose on FUSE TV! For those of you who watch FUSE and want to see DoP's new video for Light Pollution, check out "The Dive" next week. It's a show that features new indie rock videos.

july 27, 2006
More love from Pitchfork. They were kind enough to post Dirty on Purpose's tour dates, so all the lovely people around the USA can see Brooklyn's finest. Looky here.

july 27, 2006
ATTENTION FACEBOOK USERS!!!! Dirty on Purpose landed a track on the new Itunes/Facebook alternative music sampler. This week a free sampler will be distributed via iTunes custom codes to one million Facebook users. Please look out for it.

july 26, 2006
Dirty on Purpose is on the road this summer and great things are happening. Please check them out today on KEXP at 12 noon pacific time (3pm EST). They will be performing a live set.

july 25, 2006
DIRTY ON PURPOSE MAKES THE FRONT PAGE OF ITUNES!!! That's right, DoP made it onto the coveted Itunes Indie Spotlight today.
Sharing the stage with Silversun Pickups' featured album is an honor. Please check it out.

july 21, 2006
DoP is performing at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL tonight. Our friend at the Chicagoist wrote an awesome preview. Check it out here.

july 20, 2006
DoP got an awesome article on the front page of today. Check it out here!

july 20, 2006
Britney Spears and Dirty on Purpose are best friends....well not really but they are both on's News headlines today. Check it out.

july 18, 2006
If you don't wanna take our word for it.....check out this week's reviews of DoP's Hallelujah Sirens in Entertainment Weekly and Spin Magazine. Spin is the issue with Thom Yorke on the cover. FOUR STARS!!!

july 13, 2006
If you have a PC, watch the clip of Dirty on Purpose on MTV's You Hear It First.

july 13, 2006
Fighterpilot and Dirty on Purpose songs are featured on this week's episode of Podsafe Revolution. Check it out here.

july 13, 2006
Check out Dirty on Purpose's online feature for You Hear It First on!

july 13, 2006
North Street Records is steam-rolling ahead. Listen up for NSR artists, Dirty on Purpose and Fighterpilot, while you are perusing for clothing at your local store. That's right, we will be featured on several national in- store compilations starting this summer. Let us know if you hear anything.

july 12, 2006
MTV!!!! MTV2!!!! MTVU!!!!
We finally did it. Watch any MTV station all this weekend and keep your eyes peeled for Dirty on Purpose. They are the featured band on MTV's You Hear It First; a show which gives buzz-worthy bands a chance to reap the benefits of major TV exposure. Hope you enjoy the segment.

july 12, 2006
Fighterpilot's song, "Answer Me", will be featured in the PBS show called "Road Trip Nation"! Who knew that PBS could be so cool?

june 22, 2006
A little site called Pitchfork Media posted a splendid review of "Hallelujah Sirens" today. This is the first official review that Dirty on Purpose has ever recieved from Pitchfork, so please check it out (here).

june 14, 2006
Today we are happy to announce the launch of the sweet new Dirty on Purpose web site. Check it out here!! Not only is it informative, but its also chock full of wholesome fun for the whole family.

june 9, 2006
At NSR we're fans of the new online record store Amp camp and apparantly they are fans of Dirty on Purpose. Right now the good people over there are offering "Hallelujah Sirens" as a pre-sale. Order yours today!

may 15, 2006
Fighterpilot will be featured this week on episode 9 of the Shifted Sound Podcast. Check it out to hear two of their songs, "Answer Me" and "Norway", along with some other great music. 

may 10, 2006
This week Dirty on Purpose is featured on

april 10, 2006
Fighterpilot is gettin a little love from "The Real OC". Lookout for "Don't Let It End This Way" by FIGHTERPILOT on the season 2 DVD of Laguna Beach!!

april 1, 2006
Its been a busy winter at North Street, but now spring is upon us and its time to bring Dirty on Purpose to the world. The band has recently completed their debut full length and we are incredibly proud to be releasing it this June!! 

january 27, 2006
This week the video for "Mind Blindness" was officially added to MTV2!!! So in between the tenth daily showing of "jackass" and the newest episode of "pimp my ride" you may be lucky enough to see a Dirty on Purpose music video. If you dont like MTV2 you can also view the video right here on our website.

january 24, 2006
Dirty on Purpose has started the year off right with a sold out show in DC this past weekend!! For those of you who dont live in the DC area the band will be coming to a town near you soon, so check them out and you wont be sorry.

january 13, 2006
if you live in the boston area and you like music you should go check out Dirty on Purpose this saturday night at Great Scott. if you dont live near boston dont worry because there are several other cities that will be hosting the band this winter. Check out the tour dates page!

january 5, 2006
We're not the only ones who can't wait for the first full length offering from Dirty on Purpose. The nice people at Hearsay have given DoP's first LP the title of Most Anticipated Album of 2006 !!!! 

january 3, 2006
The podcasting world has fallen in love with North Street Records and this time Fighterpilot is in the spotlight. Check out this weeks he said she said podcast.

december 22, 2005
If podcasts put a smile on your face, you should definitely checkout dallasdoesindie. They always play excellent music and this week they're featuring Dirty on Purpose.

december 20, 2005
DoP's video for "Mind Blindness" is featured this week on Myspace. Check it out here!!

december 8, 2005
DoP is in the midst of recording at Head Gear Studio in Brooklyn. Things have been going stupendously and we're all anxiously awaiting the album.

november 16, 2005
Dirty on Purpose is getting ready to head into the studio to record their first full length album. From what we've heard so far it's gonna be finger-licken good!!

october 25, 2005

the Dirty on Purpose song "Girls and Sunshine" was featured on an episode of MTV's Laguna Beach yesterday. If you missed it, dont worry they replay it a billion times. The band is also listed on the MTV website, follow this link to the Laguna Beach music section.

october 10, 2005
the debut EP from Dirty on Purpose, 'sleep late for a better tomorrow', can now be purchased along with air conditioners and other fine home appliances at your local Best Buy store or at if you dont like Best Buy, the CD is also available nationally at Tower Records, and Borders.

october 1, 2005
move over kanye!!! DoP is making waves at specialty radio. they debuted at #25 on the Tripwire specialty radio chart.

september 16, 2005
nyc is in the midst of CMJ 2005. its been a crazy week and there's alot more to come. we have two more big Dirty on Purpose shows coming up this weekend (details here). and if you can manage to get out of bed before noon tomorrow, tune in to eastvillage radio at 11 am to hear doug and joe from DoP live in the studio. they will be playing a rare acoustic set, so don't miss it.

september 3, 2005
trick and the heartstrings to play CMJ at pianos september 15 and a headlining gig at the knitting factory september 27.

august 29, 2005
dirty on purpose's music video for "mind blindness" has been accepted to MTVU, and FUSE!!! the video will premier on these channels next week (starting august 29th) so please check them out!

august 28, 2005
dirty on purpose to play CMJ at the mercury lounge september 17 and the bowery ballroom october 20.

august 10, 2005
dirty on purpose has released the video for mind blindness, directed by jacob hensberry. check it out in our sound + vision section >

july 15, 2005
trick and the heartstrings are in the midst of a residency at piano's in nyc. check them out!

july 14, 2005
dirty on purpose sells out show at southpaw in brooklyn with clap your hands and say yeah!

june 22, 2005
DoP becomes part of the inland empire touring family! HUGE. click here to see dop amongst the greats at inland.

june 21, 2005
check out filter magazine's weekly picks for the week of june 20th, 2005. dirty on purpose's cd is featured. check it out here >

june 13, 2005
north street records presents: dirty on purpose 'sleep late for a better tomorrow' official release party at the mercury lounge on june 18th. performing with bishop allen, the end of the world, and chloroform (check out the poster).

may 25, 2005
this summer north street records will be releasing two music videos, supporting dirty on purpose's sleep late for a better tomorrow ep. please continue to come back and check our sound + vision section as we will be posting the videos for "mind blindness" and "all new friends" as soon as they are finished.

may 14, 2005
NSR has recently begun working with trick and the heartstrings, nyc's most buzzworthy band. look out for a limited release of trick's upcoming ep and their july residency at pianos.

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dirty on purpose


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